1st Baitcaster finally arrived : r/Fishing_Gear

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Got these today for $4 each off NextDoor! Never used a baitcaster reel but I couldn't pass up on these for that price! : r/Fishing_Gear

If you could only have one MH casting rod, what would it be and why? : r/ Fishing_Gear

Pulled the trigger on my dream combo : r/Fishing_Gear

first time buying 13 fishing baitcasterive heard good things : r/ Fishing_Gear

First Daiwa.. Couldn't help myself, I like orange. : r/Fishing_Gear

It finally showed up after almost 2 months of waiting.. 9'6” Chaos Assault Stick XH with a Diawa high speed WN 400, spooled up with 80lb Power Pro. : r /Fishing_Gear

First baitcaster! : r/Fishing_Gear

First day out with my first baitcaster. Safe to say the fishing gods had my back. : r/Fishing_Gear

Sometimes the older stuff has its charm…vintage Team Daiwa : r/Fishing_Gear

Decided to start from scratch. New Rods/Reels : r/Fishing_Gear

New gear, first bait caster! : r/bassfishing

USPS Finally Delivered : r/Fishing_Gear

Not sure why I've always wanted a C4, but I finally got one! : r/ Fishing_Gear

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