61 SunFish Swim Jig

By A Mystery Man Writer

Swim Jig - Dirty Jigs Tackle

Panfish Jig

63 Green Pumpkin Swim Jig

The 6th Sense Divine swim jig can be dragged, swam, stroked, or flipped and retrieved through rock, trees, bushes and grass with ease. The semi-flat, keel weighted belly of the head was designed to create a secondary swimming action and also ensure the ability to skip under docks or willows. The wide tapered points of the outside of the head will help deflect cover and also help maintain posture, giving it the ability to lie flat on the bottom (which makes for the perfect bed fishing jig).

6th Sense - 1/2oz - Divine Swim Jig - Watermelon Grind

29 Chartreuse Swim Jig

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51 Havoc Swim Jig

Swim Jigs, Jigs

Freedom Tackle FT Swim Jig Black Blue / 3/8 oz

Swim Jig - Dirty Jigs Tackle

Freedom Tackle FT Swim Jig Green Pumpkin Candy / 1/2 oz

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