Echo TR2 Fly Rod

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Echo TR2 Fly Rod TR2 (Tim Rajeff) Trout Fly Rod Echo's faster action “rebuttal” to the smoother casting DH rod. The TR2 Trout is built with a slightly beefier butt section for those abrupt, bottom-hand power applications. Touch and go to Skagit casting, floating lines to big sink tips. It’s dialed.

Echo TR (Tim Rajeff) Spey Rod

ECHO TR Spey Rods - Bend Fly Shop

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ECHO TR – Anglers Den

Echo TR2 4wt 11'3Switch Trout Spey – Raft & Fly Shop

Echo Full Spey Fly Rod 13' 8wt

ECHO OHS Fly Rod 10'4 6wt - The ultimate in versatility. The Echo OHS is the missing link between one hand rods and spey rods. Combined with a short Skagit head, these rods allow you to add a double haul to your spey cast. High modulus graphite makes the rod more efficient while casting and is light in the hand. The rod comes with a traditional fighting butt and a 2½” spey rear grip in case you want to give your casting hand a rest.

Echo OHS Fly Rod - 10'4 6wt

Echo TR Echo Fly Fishing

When the bugs aren’t hatching and you want to fish sub surface, two-handed trout rods open up a whole new world of possibilities. They’re not just fun to cast, Trout Spey rods offer line control and the ability cast in tight quarters that leave your nine foot rod in the dust. With a modest action and power these rods are equally at home flicking an emerger off the rod tip or chucking a Skagit head with some serious tungsten at the end.

Echo Trout Spey Fly Rod - 11ft 0in 4wt

ECHO TR Spey 11-Foot 3-Inch Fly Fishing Rod for sale online

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Sage Igniter Spey Fly Rod 13'6 8wt

TR (Tim Rajeff) Spey Fly Rod (11'0 3wt) : Sports

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