Mustad Trout Hook Kit

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Mustad 35-Piece Trout Hook Kit

Perch/trout Hook Replacement Kit - Beta Lås - Perch/trout Hook Replacement Kit

To get a great start to fishing, Mustad has created starter kits with assorted hooks for Trout. The starter kit consists of 35 assorted hooks.

Mustad Hook Kit, Trout


Blockhead Popper Hooks Mustad 33903 Kink Shanked Kits

Fishing Hook Kits - Go Salmon Fishing

Pêche à la truite : votre matériel, Pacific PêcheSTROW

Mustad 37160 Hook - 100 Pack Size 8

The Mustad Light Double J-Assist 4 Rig is designed for fast swimming fish or bottom feeders. The double hook rig features a heavy-duty solid double ring tied to the wide gap Mustad hook with high quality PE and Kevlar materials. The two assist hooks are connected to the top end of the slim jigging lure to improve hookset, as the fish often strikes at the top end. Another benefit is less snags because of the absence of the traditional tail treble.

Mustad Light Jigging Assist Rig - 2/0


Mustad 494B Trout Ready Rig Hooks - 6ea/1pk. Model No Mustad 494B Rig. Hooks for Trout Fishing. Length of 100% Fluorocarbon line : 60cm (23.6).

Lot of 10pk Mustad 494BU 496BU Trout Ready Rig Hooks (60ea Rig)

Mustad Open Eye Siwash – Addicted Fishing

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