Savage Gear Line Through Line Thru Trout Product Review

By A Mystery Man Writer

Savage Gear Line Through Line Thru Trout Product Review

Special Colour Savage Gear 4D TD Line Thru Trout

Savage gear 4D Line Thru Trout Glidebait 250 mm 193g Golden

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Savage Gear Line Thru Trout – Sea-Run Fly & Tackle

Savage gear 3D Line Thru Trout 200

Expect a captive audience with an appetite when you sling around the Savage Gear 3D Pulse Tail Trout Swimbait. This fixed-hook version has all the photoprint realism that has made the line-thru Pulse Trout so popular. Each 3D Pulse Tail Trout comes equipped with a heavy-duty jig hook and a stinger hook hidden away in the trout's split-dorsal section to minimize exposed hardware. Savage Gear uses 3D scanning technology to replicate a trout down to every lifelike curve and marking.

Savage Gear Pulsetail Trout RTF - 6 Kokanee Trout-Slow Sink

3D Line Thru Trout - Freshwater Soft Lure, Swimbaits

Savage Gear 4D Pro Series Trout (Line Thru) - Snook Snacks

Pulse Tail Trout Line Thru - Freshwater Soft Lure

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