Trolling Weight 24oz

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At Ocean-Angler, we supply cost effective accurate 24 oz cannonball sinker suppliers. Also they are truly, 100% made in America

24 oz Lead Cannonball Sinker

Trolling Lead with Cable - Sport Fishing Supply Store South Florida, Grand Slam Sportfishing

Inline Sinkers Trolling

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Island Water World C&H Trolling Weight 24oz Rigged w/900lb Cable, 8 to 20kn

Made from 99.9% pure lead, 7x7 stainless steel strand wire, and a 600lb coast lock snap swivel, our trolling inline weights are the best in the business. Our fishing inline weights are hand-rigged by professional anglers, so you can count on tournament-ready performance. Suitable for low or high-speed trolling, these weights are tough enough to withstand even the most ferocious battles with massive, hard-fighting game fish.

Fish Razr TW16 16oz Rigged Trolling Weight

, Our New Black Vinyl Coated Trolling weights are perfect for maximum deck protection and less strikes on the weight. Still in the same size and

High Speed Inline Trolling Weight

Do-it Mold, in Line Trolling Sinker, Size 16 oz- INT-16B - D3142

C&H Trolling Weights were created specifically for high-speed wahoo fishing. C&H Trolling Weights have a hollow design and are pre-rigged with 300 lb.

C&H T-24 Trolling Weight - 24 oz.

C&H Trolling Weight - Tyalure Tackle

Trolling Lead - CHAOS Fishing

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